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Urban Xtracts



+ 1 g distillate in easy-to-use Dablicator

+ TAC: 93%

+ THC: 87%

+ Strain type: Sativa

+ Nose/flavor: summery, tropical, citrusy

+ Typical effects: uplifting, calming, happy, dreamy

+ Lineage: Tropical x Sherbert Sunset

Twist, Click, Dispense. The 100% cannabis derived terpenes in this "Stylus" are extracted from Trop Sunset, a cannabis strain with a bright and sunny flavor that will truly make you feel like summer is finally here. This strain's calming effects will have you dreaming of a nap on the beach of a tropical island. The Urban Xtracts Stylus utilizes technology from The Dablicator Oil Applicator. The Stylus (Dablicator) is the easiest, most versatile way to dispense cannabis oil.

The Stylus utilizes technology from The Dablicator Oil Applicator. A heat-resistant metal Direct Dab Tip™? dispenses oil without the mess or waste directly onto any bowl, piece, product, or even finger. This clean, compliant, NY grown and processed distillate is third party lab tested for compliance, potency, and safety, paired with 100% cannabis derived terpenes. Reintroduction of naturally-occurring cannabis terpenes into distillate provides a robust experience that is as close to the full plant as possible. The Stylus provides an easy introduction for novice consumers and a level of convenience that even the most experienced dabbers can appreciate.

Urban Xtracts is located in New York’s renowned Black Dirt farming region just north of New York City. Our seed-to-market infrastructure and compliant supply chain allows us to manage every step of the production process. All of our products are tested, developed and packaged at our GMP production facility located on-site at our Warwick, NY campus. From farming to extraction, we ensure quality control every step of the way to bring our premium grade products to market.