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Weed Water



+ 7.5 oz can

+ 10 mg THC: 2 mg CBD per can with hybrid terpenes

+ Zero calorie, zero sugar

+ Contains Soy

Pineapple Express Weed Water contains those sweet and floral notes reminiscent of the fruit itself. With the balance of THC and CBD found in this can, you will feel the uplifting and energetic vibes coming on in no time.

We make water for people who like weed. Nothing artificial - just water, weed, and terps. Crack it open, take a sip, and drink some weed. We use a proprietary water-soluble

nano-emulsion of THC and other minors which lets our products hit faster, absorb more completely, and work on most people who have trouble getting high on ingestibles.

Our emulsion delivers oil droplets between 130-190nm and is made entirely of natural ingredients including organic MCT oil and emulsifiers made from soy and citrus - nothing synthetic.