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GLOW | Gelatti | 7-Pack


+ .5 x 7-pack joints

+ Total cannabinoids: 27%

+ THC: 23%

+ Sungrown, pure flower, exceptional genetics

+ Black and women owned

+ Strain type: Hybrid-balanced

+ Nose/flavor: musky, menthol

+ Typical effects: energized, focused, creative

+ Lineage: Hybrid Gelatti

For peace, love and a warm, fuzzy GLOW, we bring you Gelatti. Gelatti provides an energizing and focused head high that can promote creative thinking and motivation. Gassy OG aroma and musky menthol flavor.

Weekenders pre-rolls are expertly crafted so you can be high in society. We believe that enhancement wins over intoxication. It’s not just about getting high. It’s about getting the right kind of high. A high that makes you feel better than you did before, no matter who you are or what you love.


Weekenders cannabis comes from cultivator Burning Bush,

a veteran-owned company based in the Hudson Valley, who honor a legacy of working with nature to create the finest cannabis flower possible. The focus of the farm is sun-grown, small-batch organic cannabis.


Terpenes are the natural components that give cannabis its smell and taste and nothing produces better terpenes than sun-grown flower. The soil, the topography and the climate

in which our flower is grown come together to produce cannabis of the highest quality for our pre-rolls.


The farm uses organic and sustainable practices and spring fed streams to grow their cannabis. They nurture the soil, and the soil in turn feeds the plants, resulting in flower rich in cannabinoids which deliver the full entourage effect.