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FOCUS | .5 g AIO

FOCUS | .5 g AIO


+ High purity, triple-distilled cannabis oil

+ .5 g all-in-one vaporizer

+ Botanically-derived terpenes for the most true-to-taste flavor profiles

+ Ethanol extraction and distillation

+ Nose/flavor: eucalyptus, citrus, melon

+ Typical effects: alert, sharp

Achieve a centered mindset with ayrloom moods focus vape. The crisp eucalyptus, citrus, & melon aromas combine to help enhance mental clarity & concentration. Eucalyptus is traditionally linked to cognitive benefits, such as alertness & sharpness, while fresh citrus is associated with it energizing properties.

From the family that brought you Beak & Skiff and 1911 Established, Ayrloom showcases the fifth generation’s commitment to quality, innovation and sustaining over 1,000 acres of land in upstate New York. 110+ years of agricultural experience coupled with a passion for cannabis results in products that would make our great-great grandfathers proud. The team at Ayrloom offers a full line of products to incorporate into daily routines, and we invite you to ADJUST YOUR ALTITUDE with us.