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RELIEF | .25 g AIO

RELIEF | .25 g AIO


+ 0.25g All-In-One Vaporizer

+ 2:1 THC:CBD

+ 52 % THC

+ Strain type: Hybrid-balanced

+ Nose/flavor: woody, floral

+ Typical effects: comforting

Relief ccombines cannabis derived THC and CBD in a 2:1 ratio with soothing terpenes to help create a comforting effect with woody and floral notes.

Our dose pen is custom designed for our targeted formulas featuring: smart heat ramp, thermal protection, clean ceramic wick and a medical grade stainless steel heating element for a consistent dose-controlled cannabis experience.

dosist is a globally recognized, modern wellness company empowering people to naturally manage their health & happiness through dose-controlled cannabis products. They're known for their targeted formulas, proprietary award-winning dose controlled devices, rigorous testing, use of medical grade and recyclable materials, and their obsession with providing consumers with a safe, natural and repeatable experience. They create a range of premium products from precision inhalation in the disposable & rechargeable vaporization category to a collection of fast-acting performance vegan gummies.