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2 Pack Herbal Hemp Spliff



5 varieties:

Airplane Mode herbal smoking blend for those moments when you seek to calm and quiet the mind. Lavender and blue lotus smoking herbs ease you into a chilled state. Combined with hemp CBD, these floral pre-rolls are perfect for floating into a relaxed state of mind.

Ingredients: Hemp, raspberry leaf, sage, rose, lavender, blue lotus
Contains ~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC

Muse herbal smoking blend for easy, incremental lift-off. Peppermint and blue cornflower heighten the CBD buzz with a minty wink, sending you off into the night (or morning) feeling restored and a little rebellious.

Ingredients: Hemp, raspberry leaf, peppermint, sage, and blue cornflower
Contains ~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC

Period Daze Together with one of our favorite brands, Xula Herbs, we’re blending cannabinoid science with botanical abundance for people with wombs. These pre-rolls were formulated to help take the edge off of those menstruation days.

2 .8g (2g net wt.) pre-rolls per tube

Ingredients: CBD-rich Frida from Ranchera Familia, and CBG-rich hemp from High Desert Nectar. Raspberry leaf, mugwort, camomile, pink rose, and cramp bark.
Contains ~25mg (3.5%) CBD, ~25mg CBG (3.5%), and less than .3% THC

Car Sex herbal smoking blend give you a smooth and playful lift-off. Tantalize your senses and loosen up with lion’s tail, mullein, and hemp CBD. These musky prerolls are perfect for leaning into the spirited party vibes.

Ingredients: Hemp, raspberry leaf, mullein, white sage, and lions tail
Contains ~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC

Free Time herbal smoking blend. If you seek to let go of that to-do list and float through your day on your own time, this preroll was made for you. A citrusy blend of lemon balm, calendula, and wormwood blended with hemp CBD brings about a calm daydream for moments of adventure, meditation, and recreation. All BARBARI Herbal Blends are made with organic, food-grade herbs in Portland, Oregon.

(2) .8g prerolls per tube

CBD-rich Hemp from High Desert Nectar and our Free Time Herbal Blend: Raspberry leaf, wormwood, lemon balm, and calendula
Contains ~30mg (5%) CBD and less than .3% THC