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2 Pack Herbal Hemp Spliff



6 varieties:

Airplane Mode herbal smoking blend for those moments when you seek to calm and quiet the mind. Lavender and blue lotus smoking herbs ease you into a chilled state. Combined with hemp CBD, these floral pre-rolls are perfect for floating into a relaxed state of mind.

Muse herbal smoking blend for easy, incremental lift-off. Peppermint and blue cornflower heighten the CBD buzz with a minty wink, sending you off into the night (or morning) feeling restored and a little rebellious.

Period Daze Together with one of our favorite brands, Xula Herbs, we’re blending cannabinoid science with botanical abundance for people with wombs. These pre-rolls were formulated to help take the edge off of those menstruation days.

Car Sex herbal smoking blend give you a smooth and playful lift-off. Tantalize your senses and loosen up with lion’s tail, mullein, and hemp CBD. These musky prerolls are perfect for leaning into the spirited party vibes.

Free Time herbal smoking blend. If you seek to let go of that to-do list and float through your day on your own time, this preroll was made for you. A citrusy blend of lemon balm, calendula, and wormwood blended with hemp CBD brings about a calm daydream for moments of adventure, meditation, and recreation. All BARBARI Herbal Blends are made with organic, food-grade herbs in Portland, Oregon.

Suver Haze hemp joints featuring organically grown CBD-rich hemp flower. This strain of hemp tests at 17.8% CBD and has an abundance of pine and citrus notes for an energized and focused mild buzz. Certified Organic and sun grown by East Fork Cultivars in Southern Oregon, these prerolls will brighten any day or task ahead.