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Artbook D.A.P.

Andy Warhol's The Chelsea Girls


Featured image, of Warhol Superstar Nico in reel 12 of Warhol's cinematic split-screen masterpiece, is reproduced from Andy Warhol's The Chelsea Girls, published by D.A.P. and The Andy Warhol Museum. "I am on the screen for an hour, and I prefer one scene to the other," Nico is quoted in the book. "There is a scene where my face is colored with patterns and it's supposed to be, oh, psychedelic.… It is only psychedelic if you are stoned watching it. Otherwise it is a portrait with color added. It is beautiful in a certain way, but it is like a silk screen that Andy has made, except I cannot put it on my wall. It only goes on the walls of cinemas."