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Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine.

Natural soap with Spinach Leaf which contains vitamin A, C and K that will help your skin enhance its radiance. Its fresh scent will leave your full self-feeling anew. Extremely versatile, you can use it as hand wash, body wash or even face cleanser.

Key Functions:

  • Removes dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted elements.
  • Replaces the moisture with a specially curated group of essential oils.
  • Calms and restores.

Hero Ingredients: spinach leaf & vitamin E.

Suitable: all sorts of skins.

Frequency: daily use.

Quantity: up to 50 washes.

Smells like: rosemary.

Size: 100 g \ 3.53 Oz.


95,6% Natural | Plant-based | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Genderless

Locally Produced & pH-balanced