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Urania London

Queer Magic Eau de Parfum


Queer Magic Eau de Parfum 50ml

Mysterious and other-worldly, Queer Magic is a floriental fragrance. The fragrance opens with bright notes of Cardamom, Brazilian Lime and Calabrian Lemon. The heart is a risqué blend of Jasmine, Carnation and Figue that evolves beautifully to mystical woods of Palo Santo, Oud, and Sandalwood. Mystifying the base are notes of Tobacco leaves, Vanilla and Labdanum that give the scent its dark, smoky seductiveness. Inspired by opalescent self-expression and the shape-shifting mystique of queerness, Queer Magic evokes the limitless exuberance of the spontaneous and unconventional.

Scent: Floriental with sacred woods 
Kaleidoscopic freedom and divine uniqueness

Olfactory Journey

Top: Cardamom, Brazilian Lime, Calabrian Lemon
 Jasmine, Carnation, Fig & Fig Leaves
Palo Santo, Oud, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vanilla and Labdanum

* Clean Perfumery * Vegan * Responsible * Cruelty Free * Made in London *



Fig leaf is present in Queer Magic because it represents sin, nudity and desinhibition. In the 15th century, a campaign to erase nudity in art was set in Italy and fig leaves were used to cover penises in paintings and sculptures. The most iconic artwork to be covered with a fig leaf is Michelangelo’s David statue. In the candor of Queer Magic, we reclaim the fig leaf as a symbol of outspokenness that will not be covered up.