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The Rad Black Kids

Environment Hoodie




The story about how this hoodie came into being, are better told as a time capsule. Creating the design language of The Rad Black Kids has always been hinged on serendipity, none better told than through how this hoodie came to life. 

Version 1 was technically the butterfly hoodie. Met a man at a flea market, said man had patches. People like him always fascinated me because they knew immense detail about something so specific! His passion was patches, how they were made, when they were made, and the intricacies of the machine that made them...The Schiffli.

This hoodie, was actualised as a time capsule. One day all of the flora and fauna on it, which we are killing through climate collapse, through believing the politicians who convince us that we have to keep using oil, and unmitigated emissions.

One day, the record of some of these insects and plants will only exist through capital exploits, no matter how noble, because of the illusion of capitalism having infinite growth. 

For each hoodie sold we are planting 20 trees, to attention to alleviate some of the carbon that is contributing to increasing temperature on our planet.