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Marine Night Cream 60ml


Marine Night Cream contains two types of seaweed extract; our Serrated wrack extract, and a Dulse extract. This richer formula lasts longer and goes further – providing you with powerful moisturisation – it’s designed to work in perfect harmony with our skincare range, and act as a powerful night cream.

 Easily absorbed and non-greasy, Marine Night Cream features our own Palmaria serum, an ultrasound-assisted ethanolic extraction of Palmaria palmata, commonly known as dulse. Dulse is harvested from the Margate shore, cleaned, dried and milled, before being ultrasonically treated, filtered, and recovered. Dulse extracts have been shown to have strong antioxidant activities that can help protect against UVR induced oxidation.

 Fucus serratus, or Toothed wrack, is extracted in a similar fashion, with extracts of this seaweed showing powerful antioxidant properties.

 Our Marine Night Cream utilises a blend of Apricot kernel oil, Raspberry seed oil and Sea buckthorn oil.