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Porter Yoshida




A new model of the popular series "PORTER MILE".

This series uses beautiful glossy nylon cotton twill and is based on American tool bags and work aprons from the 1940s and 1950s. By adopting an elegant military-style fabric, there is a gap between the impression of the work item and the material.

By washing the product, it has a soft and light impression. Shiny plating is used for the metal fittings, and it has an elegance that is not found in general work items. The features of this series are the puckering that occurs at the reinforced stitching (bolts) on the work items and the triple stitching on the front of the bag. Washing the product creates wrinkles and wrinkles on the stitching, creating a vintage work item-like texture.

It is one size smaller than a general helmet bag for military items, making it easy to use for both men and women. The zipper pocket on the front is convenient for storing items that are frequently taken out, such as smartphones and pass cases. A shoulder strap is included, and it is a 2-way specification that can be used not only by hand but also by shoulder.