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Porter Yoshida



This is a series "PORTER MINIATURE" arranged in a mini size with items selected from Yoshida&Co. masterpieces and vintage military items as motifs.

The main material is cow steer leather, which has a natural grain and smooth texture. The more you use the grained beef steer, the more it becomes glossy and soft to the touch.

The metal fittings are plated with real gold* for an elegant sheen, and the zipper is also a glossy Everbright gold color. The shoulder strap, which is common to all models, has a small pocket for small items inspired by vintage military belts. In addition, the leather charms with the PORTER engraving are based on the dog tags of the US and German forces.

The 2-way kit bag, 2-way duffel bag, 2-way tote bag, and 2-way helmet bag are compact yet can store a long wallet, smartphone, etc., and are easy to use for everyday use. The use of saddle snap metal fittings on the shoulder strap and the stitching work on the bottom of the bag make it a simple design, but it also has a strong presence. The 2WAY wallet is designed to hold coins, banknotes, cards, and even a smartphone, so it can be worn diagonally like a pouch.

Since the finish emphasizes the original texture of the leather, tigers and blood lines may enter. Scratches due to scratches may be noticeable. Color fading and fading due to exposure to water (rain, sweat, etc.) and sunburn is inevitable, so please be careful when using in summer or rainy weather, or when matching with light-colored clothing.