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Edie Parker




Looking for a fresh floral take on your next battery wand? We've collaborated with O.pen Vape on their 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery to bring our iconic flower motif to life. With a 20-minute rapid charge feature and 4 voltage settings (from 2.4V to 4.0V), you'll be cookin' in no time.

For a good time:
  • To turn on/off: Click stylus button 5x times (lights will illuminate when on)
  • To change modes: Click the stylist tip 2x
  • Purple (2.4V): Low heat setting, for mellow flavorful hits
  • Orange (3.2V): Right in the middle
  • Green (4V): Much more potent draw
  • Blue: Dab mode, for use of concentrates and dab attachments
  • To activate the pen in all modes (except for dab) simply give gift it a puff and the light color will correspond with your selected mode

To charge: Screw on the charger and plug it into any USB port (hot tip: if if you're in a hurry, swipe your finger over the "O" logo to charge in just 20 minutes flat)

To check the battery life: Click stylus button 3x (green indicates fully charged, blinking lights indicate low battery)