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Rogue Paq

Leather Ritual Case


It's imperative to keep your cannabis ritual organized and safe. It's equally imperative that your aesthetic remains modern and streamlined. Everything that you carry reflects your good taste. With that in mind, we have you (and your ritual) covered.


  • Scent suppression throughout for extreme discretion
  • Water-resistant protective lining inside pockets and pop-out pouch for easy maintenance
  • Premium smooth lambskin leather with "buttery" hand-feel (exterior)
  • Soft suede with a napped finish and supple hand-feel (interior)
  • Two deep pockets provide substantial room for dry herbs, papers, crutches, and other accessories - as well as small items like a credit card and key
  • Ultra thin and extremely pliable internal padding throughout to ensure safe carrying and shock absorption
  • Strong internal elastics hold tools/tips/clips tightly while keeping them easily accessible
  • A removable internal pouch designed to carry the critical articles of your ritual when you want to downsize.
  • Removable pouch attaches/detaches magnetically