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Root Candle Pair




It all started with wanting to create a hand-dipped, black taper candle in the blackest black possible. To achieve the purest colour, we realised that we needed to find a unique formula for dyeing the naturally yellow beeswax. And so, in 2020, our first product was born and the foundation laid for everything that was to follow.

Oberflacht is dedicated to handcrafting one-of-a-kind pieces: modern beeswax candles, unexpected in design and rich in colour, created using the most traditional techniques. This artful approach is the shared vision of two friends – one an aesthetic visionary with expansive knowledge in design, the other specialising in interiors, vintage furniture and artisanal objects.

 Oberflacht fuses our love for unique, contemporary objects rooted in exceptional craftsmanship and traditional processes. We love beeswax, its natural smell, and the way it changes texture as it is handcrafted into candles. We cherish techniques of the past and strive to bring authenticity to our creations. Our candles create a visual statement yet remain everyday functional objects, bringing light and casting a feeling that soothes the mind and caresses the soul.

***we do not recommend ordering candles online during the summer months. buyer assumes risk of damage***