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Porter Yoshida

SENSES shoulder pack


This is the “PORTER SENSES” series, which is studded with elements that make you feel positive.

“SENSES” was born to respond to demand wanting to be free from stress and spend a relaxing life. A bag that stimulates the five senses and makes you feel positive.

The handle, harness, and shoulder pads are made with multi-functional material "αGEL"* that is soft to the touch. It disperses the pressure exerted by the weight and relieves fatigue and stress.

The soothing fragrance of the sachets brings healing and peace with every shake. Over 10 types of naturally derived fragrances with sandalwood as the main ingredient are PORTER originals prepared by Kyoto's long-“KOROHO SHOEIDO”, which has been dedicated to making incense for over 300 years.

The deep matte black is an elegant color that can be used with any outfit, from casual to formal.

The front and side pockets have a quick-pull feature that allows you to instantly open the pocket by simply putting your finger on it and pulling it.
■ Design No. 1718968

In addition, we pursued ease of use by devising every detail, such as adopting a sling binder on the bottom of the bag that allows you to easily fix and carry clothes and personal items.

"Shoulder pack" is a new shoulder bag that can be used like a waist bag by reviewing the harness structure of the conventional waist bag. By adjusting the length of the strap connected with the D-Rings, you can use it as if you were wearing a waist bag diagonally. It's the perfect size for storing your essentials when you go out, and it's also recommended as a secondary bag for travel.

Number of pockets
Exterior: 4 Interior: 1
* All types come with an original pouch.