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Stash Jars




For those who appreciate a bit more green, our Tall Stash Jar is the ultimate solution. 

 This taller counterpart holds up to 10 grams of flower, providing ample space for your extended adventures. 

This jar boasts airtight, smell-proof features, accompanied by a silicone-sealed lid and UV-resistant milky opaque glass. 

Upgrade your storage game and say goodbye to the days of plastic baggies.

Short-Perfect for the on-the-go enthusiast, our Short Stash Jar is a compact powerhouse designed for travel. 

Crafted from milky opaque glass, this jar holds approximately 3.5 grams of your favorite flower. 

Its airtight, smell-proof design ensures your stash stays fresh and discreet. 

The silicone-sealed lid guarantees a secure seal, while UV-resistant properties protect your precious cargo from harmful light exposure.